We encourage potential clients to review websites created by TRP Web Design. These are actual production websites, not demonstrations... please respect our clients' Internet operations and refrain from submitting "test" accounts or posts. The portfolio is divided into three sections: the first listing commercial sites, the second personal sites and the third Internet application software.

This bi-lingual (English-Spanish) website assists builders in South and Central America with finding and importing materials from international suppliers. Features user accounts and extensive PHP/MySQL databases which are completely accessible via an administrator's control panel. Databases may be viewed by category or searched by keyword, users may then order products via a secure web form.

High Tech Tools / Access Tools
Selling auto lockout tools and accessories primarily to locksmiths and towing companies, this website features a custom designed shopping cart written in PHP and accessing MySQL databases. Orders are tracked by cookies and checkout is performed via secured server access. Administrator have full access to edit the catalog and access orders online.

Wolfberg Alvarez
The third architectural website designed by TRP and the first to feature a Flash movie introduction. In a departure from past designs, this was also the first site to be designed to be viewed with a minimum screen resolution of 800, which opened up new possibilities for page layout. Making extensive use of tables, most pages are designed around a two column format utilizing pop-up windows for larger photos and additional information. The approach allows for an uncluttered presentation while providing a wealth of information about selected projects. Also makes use of RealMedia streaming video as an alternative to the large AVI movie format.

Created for a client in Caracas, Venezuela, this real estate oriented website is presented entirely in Spanish. The site has many features developed using PHP and MySQL, including: user created accounts; submission of property listings for sale or rent in six categories; advanced search capabilities; automatic user e-mail notification of new listings based on location and features; dual currency system (U.S. Dollar and Venezuelan Bolívar); mortgage payment and amortization calculators; featured property display on main page; user submitted ratings of services and products; pop-up user survey. A multi-tier "microsite" feature allows the site administrator to create mini-websites for local clients using a variety of templates... all created online without the need to write any HTML.

Kunde Sprecher
http://www.kundesprecher.com (archived)
The fourth architectural website developed by TRP, this design was a collaborative effort with the firm's in-house graphic design staff. The site features extensive use of tables, graphics, JavaScript mouseovers and swap images along with pop-up windows for displaying project details and photos.

Schapiro Associates
The second in a series of architectural websites, this site features extensive use of photo "slideshows" and Javascript mouseovers. Designed to the exacting specifications of the client, this site is conservative with a simple, yet functional, layout. Sections include areas about the firm, services offered, experience, awards and a contact form. This is a good example of a "basic website" that provides the firm an online presence at an affordable price.

In Relievo
Very basic start-up website for a music infrastructure consulting firm. Pages describing the principals, services and contact form are linked from a Flash menu.

Personal Homepages
In addition to commercial websites, TRP has created a number of personal and organizational websites. Many of these sites were created during the early years of website development, often with the goal of refining new techniques and skills.

This is home to the popular "ICQ Lies" and " My Best Friend" pages. The site has been featured in Yahoo Internet Life magazine and has had nearly a million visitors from over 100 countries. It is also the distribution site for TRP's application programs and a test bed for many new features and enhancements such as PHP scripts, Java applets, counters, graphics, guestbook and link manager applications, survey scripts, forum software, SSI, CSS, DHTML, RealMedia and Flash.

Smartasses Online
Best described as an online "social club" for smartasses, the heart of this site is the infamous red forum. This organizational website has provided useful experience administrating an active Discus Pro forum with the aid of Moderators along with an online card shop that serves as a "portal" to attract new members. The site has also been used for beta testing several of TRP's application programs.

BeachBabe Carol's Beach
A remake of a personal homepage, this site is designed with a "sand sculpture motif" that imparts the beach feel that was desired. While, like many personal homepages, it has undergone a few changes since the original make-over, the basic elements remain intact. Additional enhancements include a guestbook, counter and MIDI background music.

Aerosmith Flash Intro Movie
This was the first "practice" Flash movie created for a website. It features the opening riffs from Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" repeated while the band members appear around the classic Aero wings logo, then fades into a graphic of the site's owners.

Internet Application Programs
The following programs have been developed by TRP Web Design and offered to the Internet community as freeware. The techniques learned while developing these applications has proved invaluable to the development of commercial applications on the production websites.

HyperBook Guestbook
HyperBook is the easy to install, easy to use guestbook written in PHP. Features multi-file "flat text" database for fast access without SQL; customizable colors and graphics; option to add additional questions; e-mail notifications with link to edit, delete or add comments to posts; double post protection; configurable IP log to prevent message flooding; forced word breaks to ensure proper formatting; optional banned words filter; version update check; import/export databases and foreign language configuration. Comes with complete documentation.

HyperList Link Manager
HyperList Link Manager is a website link management system written entirely in PHP. It features cascading "tree style" display; quick and easy set-up; custom database (SQL not required); customizable appearance; e-mail notifications of user submitted links; automatic "thank you" e-mails when user submitted links are approved; convenient search feature; optional link banner upload; user rating system with anti-ballot stuffing IP logging; optional submitted URL checking (open socket test); admin can check all URLs in a subcategory; optional link sharing and importation from other HyperList Link Managers; broken link report e-mail form; new category suggestion e-mail form; version update check. Comes with complete documentation.

HyperCount is a website hit counter written entirely in PHP. It features graphic counter display derived from user created images; tracks individual counters on multiple pages; ability to use different graphic styles for each counter; password protected Administration section; change counter values or remove counters easily; optional "allowed domains" list; optional "milestones" e-mail to admin; optional error notifications to admin; e-mail Status Report program for use with cronjobs; counter called using image tag, works on any HTML page (SSI not required); flat text database (SQL not required); super easy set-up, no programming required.

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