TRP Web Design offers a variety of services which focus on developing high quality websites for corporations and small businesses. From initial planning, layout and graphic design, though interactive application programming and database management, to final deployment on state-of-the-art servers, TRP can take your ideas from concept to reality.

Website Design & Development
Whether it is starting a new website from a basic concept or upgrading an existing site, TRP Web Design will work with you to insure that your site is functional and attractive. Since 1997, we have worked exclusively in the area of website development and devote all our resources to being able to provide our clients with the latest in Internet technology. We begin by listening to our clients, to determine their needs and then devise a plan to facilitate the development of a website which will meet or exceed the desired goals. We believe that an informed client is the best client, thus communicating ideas and technical concepts is a major part of our development process. Attention to detail helps to insure that development goals will be met on time and in full accordance with our clients' expectations.

TRP Web Design has experience working with both individuals and large corporations. Regardless of the size of your project, you will always receive personal, professional service. We can develop anything from a simple "static HTML" site to use as an online brochure, to a fully interactive, responsive website with advanced remote administration facilities. All our work is original and designed to the exact specifications of even the most demanding client. While website design has sometimes been called "the art of compromise," our vast array of development tools offers many solutions to complex design goals. In addition to meeting design goals, we endeavor to expand our clients' awareness of design potentials... suggesting practical alternatives and additions to the original design whenever possible.

Above all else, we value the integrity of our work and our reputation. The best interests of our clients is the foundation of our business model. By putting our clients' interests first, we have not only grown our client base, but have retained our top clients for repeat business. The mark of successful website developers isn't whether you would use them... but whether you would use them again. We our proud of the partnerships we have forged with our clients and look forward to many years of continued service.

PHP Programming
The PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a "server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language." The use of this scripting language allows a static, unchanging HTML page to become a dynamic, flexible page. Currently in use on over six million domains, PHP is used for everything from simple form processing to creating advanced interactive websites. A PHP enabled website can adjust to a visitors needs, as well as allowing the site's administrator to perform changes and updates through a convenient password protected browser interface. PHP can be used to create a customized online shopping catalog, track visitors interests, display resource information from databases... just about anything that can be expected of a state-of-the-art website.

TRP Web Design has used PHP to deploy interactive real estate sites, commercial product catalogs, medical databases and a building materials resource interface. These sites are dynamic, with the information and functions available under the complete control of the website's administrator (as opposed to the site's developer). In addition to giving the administrator control over many aspects of the day-to-day function of the website, PHP gives the visitors control over how they use the site's features. A website's visitors can become members when a password controlled account is made available to them. Such accounts may store a member's profile or be used to allow submissions to the website's database. As an added bonus, the site administrator can learn about the members' demographics, in turn developing new or improved features to better met the members' requirements.

TRP has also developed "stand-alone" application programs for the Internet community. PHP programs have been written to serve as website guestbooks, link managers and counters. These programs are made available for free to webmasters to use on their own sites. In addition to promoting good will, developing these applications has provided a valuable opportunity to work with webmasters around the world and using a variety of operating systems and servers. Knowledge gained from these projects allows TRP Web Design to build better, more robust software for their clients. In the world of programming, there is no substitute for experience.

SQL Databases
While PHP is an excellent scripting language, its true power becomes apparent when combined with a sophisticated database management system such as MySQL. An SQL database may store anything from member account data to entire product catalogs. In such installations, PHP serves as the "front end" interface which the website visitors use to access the "back end" SQL database. By employing the power of an SQL database, advanced websites can be developed in less time and lower cost than using PHP alone.

TRP has developed several websites "driven" by PHP/MySQL databases. The databases were designed to make efficient use of MySQL's powerful functions, thus making them suitable for hosting on community web servers at greatly reduced costs to the site owners. Careful design of the PHP generated interface presents an attractive and easy-to-use system for both users and administrator to search, view and update the database contents.

Flash Movies
Macromedia's Flash is one of the most significant recent advancements in designing and delivering low-bandwidth animations and presentations... or even entire websites. With a reported install base of 96% of all web users, Flash enabled websites can be viewed by better than 19 out of 20 of your visitors. A Flash "movie" can be used to display an animated graphic or combined with its built-in programming language to create interactive menus... adding an unprecedented level of design flexibility to website design and layout. While Flash development can be time consuming (and thus more costly), the results are often worth it. One approach to deploying Flash is to strategically imbed the Flash files into traditional HTML and graphics pages, which reduces development time while leveraging the advantages of Flash's capabilities.

TRP has been working with Flash since 1999 and successfully deployed it on a number of clients' websites. Flash has been used to create eye-catching "splash pages" as well as for animated logos, navigation menus and photo browsers. For the website owner seeking the most impressive, original and sophisticated presentation interface, Flash is the key.

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that is typically used for manipulating website images such as "mouseover buttons" and "swap graphics." While somewhat more antiquated than Flash, JavaScript is still very useful for developing responsive interfaces and "smart" forms. It is also finding new life as a control mechanism for DHTML (Dynamic HTML). Its maturity is also an asset since all popular web browsers have native support for Java Apps and JavaScript, thus it's likely your visitors will be able to benefit from the site enhancements available from JavaScript.

TRP Web Design has been employing JavaScript on client's websites since 1997 and currently uses it routinely to enhance page presentation and supplement Flash movies.

RealMedia's RealMedia Player has a huge install base and is one of the standard methods of broadcasting streaming audio and video over the Internet. Streaming audio or video files can greatly enhance a website's presentation capabilities, improving visitor appeal and making a more personal statement. Short welcome video clips or product demonstrations are good candidates for RealMedia presentations, along with audio commentaries to accompany biographical material or corporate descriptions.

TRP Web Design has worked with RealMedia files since 1998 and has digital video and audio editing capabilities. For the creation of video presentations, we recommend using an in-house or contracted film/production service, with delivery of the final product in digital form (AVI for video, WAV or MP3 for audio). Further post-production editing can then be performed to prepare the digital files for Internet presentation (ie. resizing, captions, segmenting and conversion to RealMedia streaming format).

Graphic Design
Graphic design for websites is a highly specialized endeavor. Designs that "work on paper" often fail when transitioned to a website. Graphic size, dimensions, color depth, dot-pitch, compression and format are just a few of the considerations when preparing a graphic for network transfer and screen display. Complex designs with mouseover and image swapping effects may require intricate slicing and table layouts for proper display. Perhaps the most important consideration of all is file size: large files result in longer download delays. No matter how attractive a design may be, few website visitors will be patient enough to wait to see it if a page is slow to load. Striking a balance between all of these factors requires an in-depth knowledge of graphic formats, preparation techniques and browser capabilities.

TRP Web Design can design original graphics or work with your in-house graphic artists to prepare designs for the Web. Our primary graphics program is Adobe Photoshop, though we work with and make use of source files from any of the following graphics packages:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe ImageReady
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Photopaint
  • Corel Draw
  • WWW Gif Animator
  • Ulead Gif Animator
  • ULead Cool 3D
  • ULead Cool 360
  • Xara 3D
  • Electric Rain Font F/X
  • Electric Rain Swift 3D
  • GIF Construction Set
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Macromedia FreeHand
  • Macromedia Fireworks
  • MetaCreations Art Dabbler
  • MetaCreations Canoma
  • JascSoftware PaintShop Pro
  • TeraLogic Texture Maker
  • 3D StudioMAX
  • POV-Ray for Windows
  • Moray for Windows
  • RealProducer G2
  • Personal AVI Editor
  • Rhinoceros

In addition to graphic design, TRP Web Design offers image scanning and digital photography services. Photo restoration, touch-up, alterations or digital watermarking may be included as part of a website design project or as a separate service.

Website Hosting
In addition to design services, we can also arrange for domain name registration and site hosting. We are authorized resellers of's excellent hosting service. After many disappointing experiences with other hosting services, we began using FutureQuest in 1999 and have found them to be one of, if not the best, services available. As a reseller we charge the same rates as FQ, offer the same discounts, include all published package features and terms of service. We also serve as a "go between" for technical service requests. Our extensive experience with FQ's servers often allows us to troubleshoot problems or submit service requests with a minimum of delay or confusion. All hosting accounts are full accounts, you are not sharing the account with anyone else (an unscrupulous practice some resellers have been known to indulge in). Please e-mail us or see the site for more details.

About TRP Web Design
TRP Web Design and owned and operated by Thomas Robert Pasawicz. Mr. Pasawicz's involvement with computers began in 1983 with the purchase of a TI99/4a personal computer. After being self-taught in TI BASIC, Mr. Pasawicz enrolled in computer science courses at Florida International University where he delevoped skills in FORTRAN, Pascal and Programming Methology. Starting in 1984, Mr. Pasawicz gained extensive experience with Applesoft BASIC and assembly language programming while developing a custom Bulletin Board System, his first foray into network programming. From the mid-80s through the 1990s, Mr. Pasawicz worked as an independant consultant developing custom real estate databases and as a graphic designer working with Macintosh computers. In 1997, the growing popularity of the Internet set the stage for a new career path in website development. Combining exisiting skills in programming, databases and graphic design, Mr. Pasawicz began to focus exclusively on developing high quality corporate websites. His willingness to continually delevelop new skills, improve upon exisiting skills and commitment to client satisfaction has earned Mr. Pasawicz a reputation for excellence and dependability.  •  Copyright  ©1997-2002 by Thomas R. Pasawicz  •  All Rights Reserved.